Xena: Warrior PrincessXena and Gabrielle are enjoying the sights and signs of a village in India when they spot a magician, Eli. They stop to watch his performance, which includes sending his assistant to the heavens. But when he brings her back, she is possessed and tries to kill him. The warrior leaps to the stage to stop the woman. She succeeds in knocking the assistant from the stage and into Eli. Suddenly she goes into convulsions and Gabrielle rushes to her side to try and calm her. When the tremors abruptly stop and a spectre flees the woman’s body, the people began to shout that the bard is a Devi.

Order the DVDswritten by Chris Manheim
directed by Garth Maxwell
music by Joseph LoDuca

Guest Cast: Timothy Omundson (Eli), Monroe Reimers (Vikram), Alex Reekers (Maya), Renee O’Connor (Tataka)

Original title: Smoke And Mirrors

LogBook entry by Mary Terrell