Daughter of Pomira

Xena: Warrior PrincessXena and Gabrielle are traveling through the area where Xena’s army once fought the Horde. The pair are trying to avoid running into the savages, when they spot a Horde warrior out with three teens. They notice that the girl in the group has blonde hair, and Xena seems to recognize her from somewhere. Suddenly a hatchet flies through the air, hitting the Horde warrior. A man runs to attack the kids, but Xena stops him. Gabrielle finds a Roman sling shot and Xena remembers giving it to the daughter of one of her warriors. The warrior and bard travel back to the village with Milo. There Xena tells Vanessa’s parents that she has seen their daughter. And with encouragement from Gabrielle, she promises to bring her home.

Order the DVDswritten by Linda McGibney
directed by Patrick Norris
music by Joseph LoDuca

Guest Cast: Beth Allen (Vanesa/Pilee), Craig Ancell (Milo), Bruce Hopkins (Rahl), Mandy Mcmullin (Adiah), Watchman Rivers (Cirvik)

LogBook entry by Mary Terrell