Cradle of Hope

Xena: Warrior PrincessKing Gregor learns from a seer that a baby recently born in his kingdom will one day take his throne. He orders his advisor, Nemos, to find the infant. Unnoticed by the king and Nemos, a servant has overheard. She takes the baby that was just born to another servant and places him in a basket. She carries him to a river and puts the basket in it. The next morning, the child is discovered by Xena and Gabrielle. The warrior is determined to find who the baby belongs to. They encounter a mob in the process of hanging a woman. When they refuse to reveal what crime she has committed, Xena disperses the crowd and frees the woman. She is Pandora, the granddaughter of the Pandora that opened the box, freeing all of mankind’s desires except hope. As part of the family’s curse, Pandora must keep the box with her at all times to keep the lock set on it. That was the reason for the mob’s behavior. The trio make their way to a tavern in order to feed the baby. Xena notices the bartender talking to a young boy. A shortly after the boy leaves, Nemos and his men arrive. He demands that Xena hand over the baby to him. She refuses and fights off the soldiers. During the scuffle, Nemos sees the box and grabs it then runs out of the tavern.

Nemos informs the king that Xena has the child in her custody. He warns that she may use the child against him. A note arrives from the warrior saying that she wants to meet with Gregor. At their hiding place, Pandora tells Xena and Gabrielle that she must get the box back soon to reset the lock. If she doesn’t, hope will be freed. Xena meets with Gregor and Nemos in the tavern. He doesn’t have the box with him, but says he will trade it for the baby. Gabrielle brings the servant who placed the baby in the river to thier hideout. Ophelia tells Xena of the festival that evening. The warrior decides to use that to gain entrance to the castle. Disguised as a dancer, she learns that Gregor has the box in his chambers. When she finally locates the box, she overhears the king talking to himself. She then realizes what the true prophecy is, and is determined to fulfill it.

Order the DVDswritten by Terrance Winter
directed by Michael Levine
music by Joseph LoDuca

Guest Cast: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Pandora), Edward Newborn (Gregor), Kirstie O’Sullivan (Ophelia), Simon Prast (Nemos), Carl Straker (Young man), Beryl Te Wiata (Cynara), Susan Winter (woman), Tony Bishop (Weasel), Lathan Gains (Kastor), Paul Minifie (Innkeeper), Alan De Malmanche (Old man)

LogBook entry by Mary Terrell