Wonder WomanWord reaches Washington that a mercenary known internationally as “the Falcon” has arrived in America, either to stop or to steal the word of Professor Warren, who had devised a way to artificially induce earthquakes – an ability that, when weaponized, could end World War II in mere days. But for such a renowned hired gun, the Falcon is remarkably easy to track: his most recent stop was in India, where he unwittingly became a carrier of bubonic plague, leaving a trail of infected victims in his wake. When he realizes his own time is running out, is there any way for Wonder Woman to reason with the Falcon, a man who has nothing left to lose?

Download this episode via Amazonwritten by Herbert Bermann
directed by Herb Wallerstein
music by Artie Kane

Wonder WomanCast: Lynda Carter (Diana Prince / Wonder Woman), Lyle Waggoner (Major Steve Trevor), Richard Eastham (General Blankenship), Beatrice Colen (Etta Candy), Robert Reed (The Falcon), Hayden Rorke (Professor Warren), Albert Stratton (Benson), Michael Twain (Frank Willis), Kenneth Tigar (Dr. Barnes), Jason Johnson (James Porter), Peter Brandon (Dr. Norris), Sean Kelly (Bobby), Gary Oakes (Sergeant Evans), Mikki Jamison-Olsen (Camilla Moret), Brigid O’Brien (Customs Agent)

LogBook entry by Earl Green

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