The Bushwhackers

Wonder WomanTexas rancher J.P. Hadley, an old school friend of General Blankenship, calls the General for help when local law enforcement proves completely ineffective in rounding up cattle thieves who are having a serious impact on the Hadley ranch’s operations. The General sends Major Trevor to Texas, and Wonder Woman follows in her invisible jet. Before Trevor can even meet Hadley, the cattle rustlers are trying to keep him from offering any help, but they haven’t counted on Wonder Woman’s presence. Worse yet, someone inside Hadley’s ranch is giving them information on everything Trevor and Wonder Woman plan to do.

Download this episode via Amazonwritten by Skip Webster
directed by Stuart Margolin
music by Artie Kane

Wonder WomanCast: Lynda Carter (Diana Prince / Wonder Woman), Lyle Waggoner (Major Steve Trevor), Richard Eastham (General Blankenship), Beatrice Colen (Etta Candy), Roy Rogers (J.P. Hadley), Henry Darrow (Lampkin), Lance Kerwin (Jeff Hadley), Tony George (Emmett Dawson), David Clarke (Sheriff Bodie), Christoff St. John (Linc), Christelle Pierrette Gaspart (Babette), Justin Randi (Freddie), David Yanez (Charlie), Carey Wong (Sen), Rita Gomez (Maria), Murray MacLeod (The Man)

LogBook entry by Earl Green