WitchbladeTwo armed men ruthlessly hunt down a middle-aged man, catching up with him just after he reads a series of numbers over a cell phone and killing him. But this killing is out of the ordinary in many ways – the victim, William Ticknor, is a former intelligence expert for the U.S. government, and the last person he called, the person to whom he read the numbers, turns out to be Gabriel Bowman, Pezzini’s internet entrepreneur friend who specializes in objects of mystical significance. Pezzini, having recently had a cryptic conversation with the spirit of President Kennedy, is already aware that this case may be deeper and darker than even her partners suspect. Gabriel knew Ticknor, and had a business arrangement with him, but didn’t know exactly what Ticknor would be bringing him. He deciphers the numbers – exact latitude and longitude – and meets Pezzini there, only to find that it’s the exact spot where Ticknor was gunned down. Pezzini finds something taped to the bottom of a park bench, but soon she and Gabriel are being pursued by the same killers who murdered Ticknor. She kills one of them and then goes into hiding with Gabriel. Ticknor’s mystery package is a roll of undeveloped 8mm film of a kind that hasn’t been made for over 20 years, but Pezzini can’t show her face long enough to get it developed – she and Gabriel are wanted by the FBI for the murder of a federal agent. In the meantime, Danny Woo is trying to help Sara stay underground, but he’s growing increasingly suspicious of Jake McCarty’s cozy relationship with the FBI agents working the case.

Order the DVDsDownload this episode via Amazonwritten by Jorge Zamacona
directed by Paul Abascal
music by Joel Goldsmith

Guest Cast: Victor Slezak (William Ticknor), Kathryn Winslow (Vicki), Jeff Seymour (Agent Arness), John Bourgeois (President John F. Kennedy), Dean Hagopian (Agent Terrell), Sam Moses (Agent Spector), Patrick Garrow (Vic), and Lazar

Notes: Elements of this episode are based upon former New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison’s theory on motives that the U.S. intelligence community might have had for killing President Kennedy in 1963; these theories were later turned into a movie, Oliver Stone’s JFK, but are best summed up in Garrison’s own book, On The Trail Of The Assassins (1988). Garrison’s theory, however, overlooks the role of Vorschlaag Industries in the Kennedy assassination…

LogBook entry by Earl Green