WitchbladePezzini awakens from a nightmare about dying at the hands of a younger woman wielding the Witchblade, but when she awakens, she discovers that the bracelet truly is gone from her wrist. At the same time, it seems that a blood-dimmed tide is loosed upon the world as a relentless global wave of unusual murders begins. Without the Witchblade to help her see past the barrier of death, Pezzini is helpless to get to the heart of these crimes. She still manages to find one amazing coincidence, however – every one of the murderers recently visited a web site called “CyberFaust” just before the killing spree began. But when Pezzini, Danny and McCarty view the site at the precinct, it delivers the message that Pezzini is responsible for the murder of Kenneth Irons. Pezzini and Gabriel look at the site, and discover that Irons is very much alive – and he is responsible for both the wave of deaths and the woman who now wields the Witchblade in the name of vengeance.

Order the DVDsDownload this episode via Amazonwritten by Richard C. Okie & Ralph Hemecker
directed by Bradford May
music by Joel Goldsmith

Guest Cast: Kate Levering (Lucrezia), Kim de Lury (Conchobar), Kathryn Winslow (Vicki), Megan Fahbinock (Wife), John Chesburn (Captain), Jason Jazakov (John #1), ? (John #2), ? (John #3), ? (Old Man), ? (Husband), Grace Slick (voice of the Witchlade), and Lazar

Notes: Continuing the series’ long-running fascination with classic rock music, the Witchblade finally gains her own voice here, and fittingly enough it speaks in the voice of Jefferson Airplane vocalist Grace Slick. Ironically, Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit is heard playing in the background of Gabriel’s office in one scene.

LogBook entry by Earl Green