WitchbladeSara Pezzini’s quest for justice is growing closer to a resolution – and growing more dangerous. Ian tracks her down, ostensibly to say goodbye to her, and she and Gabriel narrowly escape as Dante and the White Bulls follow Ian to their hideout and shoot him down in cold blood without even the slightest hint that their target was armed. McCartey balks at Pezzini’s suggestion of using herself as bait to catch Dante, but realizes there may be no better way to take the corrupt police captain down. McCartey arranges a meeting at an FBI safe house, while Gabriel – suspecting that McCartey’s still working for the White Bulls – receives a visit from someone who only Sara herself could see until now. At the meeting, Dante says too much and winds up in the middle of an FBI raid – but he also tries to take a last shot at McCartey, which Pezzini sees coming. She fires first, inflicting a mortal wound, and learns from Dante that Kenneth Irons gave the order to kill her father. McCartey is stunned when Pez leaves the takedown to confront her benefactor/antagonist, and with Gabriel in tow goes to try to get her out of trouble. Irons needs more of Pezzini’s blood to extend his life…and he’s willing to kill all of her remaining friends to ensure her cooperation.

Order the DVDsDownload this episode via Amazonteleplay by Ralph Hemecker
story by Ralph Hemecker & Richard C. Okie
directed by David S. Jackson
music by Joel Goldsmith

Guest Cast: Nestor Serrano (Captain Dante), John Hensley (Gabriel Bowman), Keir Dullea (Irons’ doctor)

LogBook entry by Earl Green