WitchbladeIrons appears to Ian Nottingham, foretelling the arrival of a great evil. Pezzini begins to sense it too, as she’s working the bizarre ritual murder of a Catholic priest. Another ritual is on Pezzini’s mind, as she notices that nearly everyone around her seems to have someone in their lives – Danny and his wife are even expecting a baby. Pezzini is about to give up on both when new clues reignite her interest. Skin samples from under the fingernails of the dead priest reveal that whatever killed him cannot itself be killed. And Pezzini meets someone who could be the man of her dreams, but that once-in-a-lifetime love could be reduced to nightmares when Ian intervenes…but is Ian doing it to save Sara’s life, or out of jealousy?

Order the DVDsDownload this episode via Amazonwritten by Jorge Zamacona
directed by James Whitmore Jr. and Neill Fearnley
music by Joel Goldsmith

Guest Cast: Jeffrey Donovan (Daniel Germaine), Kathryn Winslow (Vicki), Kenneth Wickes (Priest), Shabene Alen (Delivery boy), Dov Tiejenbach (Turnville), and Lazar

LogBook entry by Earl Green