WitchbladePezzini’s sixth sense tells her something is wrong during an investigation into the murder of a New York art dealer – and she’s irritated with McCartey’s reluctance to touch the case with a ten-foot pole because the victim was homosexual and the trail of clues leads back to Badlands, a well known gay bar. Artist Issac Sullivan seems to be a promising lead until Pezzini discovers that his whereabouts can be vouched for at the time of the murder. Another murder is committed, and Pezzini realizes she has a serial killer on her hands. Her search for clues about the Witchblade is also proving fruitless, with Dominique Boucher rapidly aging toward her death in a holding cell, but she does find a potential ally in a young internet entrepreneur, Gabriel Bowman. Little does Pez know that the key to both mysteries is Kenneth Irons.

Order the DVDsDownload this episode via Amazonteleplay by David Michaelson
stoey by Ralph Hemecker & Richard C. Okie
directed by Vern Gillum
music by Joel Goldsmith

Guest Cast: John Hensley (Gabriel Bowman), Laila Robbins (Dominique Boucher), Anthony Lemke (Isaac Sullivan), Rory Feore (Dr. Dandwell), Peter Cockerey (Foster), Jeff Courington (Foster’s lover), Andrea Pinock (Waitress), Johnie Chase (?), Shaun Austin-Olsen (?), Milka Schiro (?), and Lazar

LogBook entry by Earl Green