VRobin gives birth to two babies, one human with reptilian traits, and the other one completely reptilian. The reptilian infant dies, and during the autopsy Julie and Robert find bacteria that could be used as a nerve gas against the Visitors. Meanwhile, Robin’s other baby, named Elizabeth, grows at a startling rate, appearing to be a five year old human girl within days. Donovan, Tyler and Caleb mount another raid to find a Visitor to test the biological agent on, and by chance they manage to grab Brian, the father of Robin’s baby. Robin herself tests the gas on Brian, and it proves to be lethally effective – and harmless to humans. Alarmed by the fact that she has seen her own father killed before her eyes, Father Doyle abandons the resistance and takes Elizabeth to Diana, fearing that the child may be the next guinea pig. Martin warns Donovan that if the nerve gas is used, Diana may opt to activate the motherships’ self-destruct mechanism, which could easily obliterate the planet, but the attack plan moves forward anyway – though Donovan has to face the fact that his son has probably been converted by Diana, and uses Sean to feed false attack information to the Visitors. Tyler leads an attack on the Visitors’ ground headquarters, while Donovan and Julie lead an assault on Diana’s mothership, and the worldwide resistance disperses the toxin into Earth’s atmosphere. Even as the other motherships retreat into space, Diana insists on keeping her ship where it is to ensure Earth’s destruction with the doomsday device.

Order the DVDteleplay by Brian Taggert and Faustus Buck
story by Lillian Weezer & Faustus Buck & Diane Frolov & Peggy Goldman
directed by Richard T. Heffron
music by Dennis McCarthy

Cast: Marc Singer (Mike Donovan), Faye Grant (Dr. Julie Parrish), Jane Badler (Diana), Michael Durrell (Robert Maxwell), Michael Wright (Elias Taylor), Blair Tefkin (Robin Maxwell), Neva Patterson (Eleanor Dupres), David Packer (Daniel Bernstein), Robert Englund (Willie), Richard Herd (John), Thomas Hill (Father Doyle), Michael Ironside (Ham Tyler), Peter Nelson (Brian), Andrew Prine (Steven), Sandy Simpson (Mark), Denise Galik (Maggie), Jason Bernard (Caleb Taylor), Rafael Campos (Sancho Gomez), Sarah Douglas (Pamela), Frank Ashmore (Martin), Jenny Beck (Elizabeth Maxwell), Diane Civita (Harmony Moore), Viveka Davis (Polly Maxwell), Mickey Jones (Chris Farber), Marin May (Katie Maxwell), Greta Blackburn (Lorraine), Brandy Gold (Elizabeth Maxwell, 5 years old), Eric Johnston (Sean Donovan), Stack Pierce (Visitor Captain), Clete Roberts (Alien), George Morfogen (Stanley Bernstein)

LogBook entry by Earl Green

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