Instance One

PrimevalDrew Heriot returns from a trip outside of England to discover his older brother, a police inspector, embroiled in a scandal after arresting a cabinet minister over minor charges. Despite being urged by his superiors to drop the matter, Frank Heriot instead pushes the charge through to a conviction, resulting in a three-pound fine and a very public end to the cabinet minister’s political career – followed shortly thereafter by his apparent suicide. Frank is unapologetic for his actions. Frank’s wife, Anne, tells Drew that Frank’s behavior has changed radically; he shows almost no emotion and has grown distant and cold. Drew enlists the help of his psychologist co-worker to try to find out what’s happened to Frank, and in the process discovers disturbing things about Frank’s mental state and even the electrical workings of his brain: Frank is not guiding his own actions. When Frank is assassinated, Drew and Anne decide to join forces to discover who was controlling Frank’s actions – and to find out who else they’re controlling.

written by Robert Banks Stewart
directed by Bill Bain
music by Paul Lewis

UndermindCast: Jeremy Wilkin (Drew Heriot), Rosemary Nichols (Anne Heriot), Jeremy Kemp (Frank Heriot), Frank Mills (Inspector), Hugh Latimer (Paget), Tony Steedman (Hugh Bishop), Moya O’Sullivan (Edith Bishop), Paul Maxwell (Dr. Polson), Ernest Hare (Landlord), John Edmunds (Newscaster), Jill Cary (Secretary), Georgine Anderson (Receptionist), Peter Willson Holmes (Executive), Helen Ford (Clerk), David Swift (Macridos)

LogBook entry by Earl Green