And When The Sky Was Opened

The Twilight ZoneA spacecraft that flew 900 miles above Earth and then vanished for 24 hours returns, with its crew of three intact. But one of the astronauts, Major Gart, doesn’t remember one of the others; he only recalls a crew of two. His crewmate, Forbes, remembers the presence of a third man, Harrington, but Forbes is the only one who seems to remember him. And then suddenly, Gart no longer remembers Forbes…

Download this episode via Amazonteleplay by Charles Beaumont
based on a short story by Richard Matheson
directed by Douglas Heyes
music by Leonard Rosenman

The Twilight ZoneCast: Rod Taylor (Lt. Col. Clegg Forbes), James Hutton (Maj. William Gart), Charles Aidman (Col. Ed Harrington), Maxine Cooper (Amy ), Paul Bryar (Bartender), Sue Randall (Nurse), Joe Bassett (Medical Officer)

LogBook entry by Earl Green