Sixteen Millimeter Shrine

The Twilight Zone1930s starlet Barbara Jean Trenton hides away from the world in the mansion paid for by her film fame, the curtains drawn, constantly rewatching the movies she made in her heyday. Attempts to break back into Hollywood prove elusive in 1959; she balks at a comeback part in a minor role as another character’s mother. She becomes a recluse again, despite the best efforts of those around her to keep her surrendering her real life to the characters she portrayed a quarter of a century ago.

Download this episode via Amazonwritten by Rod Serling
directed by Mitchell Leisen
music by Franz Waxman

The Twilight ZoneCast: Ida Lupino (Barbara Jean Trenton), Martin Balsam (Danny Weiss), Jerome Cowan (Jerry Herndon), Ted de Corsia (Marty Sall), Alice Frost (Sally), Dean Stockwell (Daniel Wise)

LogBook entry by Earl Green