Slaves Of Jedikiah – Part 2

Tomorrow PeopleJedikiah and his thugs interrogate Stephen, trying to gauge his emerging powers while learning more about their rivals, the Tomorrow People. Using the telekinetic ability of Jimmy, the youngest Tomorrow Person, Carol and John, the team’s leader, home in on where Stephen is being held, and rescue him from Jedikiah and an entity known only as Cyclops. The return to their top-secret base, built into an abandoned section of the London Underground, introducing Stephen to TIM, the sentient computer whose information helps to guide their efforts. There’s just one problem: Stephen isn’t entirely in control of his actions.

Download this episode via Amazonwritten by Brian Finch and Roger Price
directed by Paul Bernard
music by Dudley Simpson

Tomorrow PeopleCast: Sammie Winmill (Carol), Nicholas Young (John), Peter Vaughan-Clarke (Stephen), Stephen Salmon (Kenny), Francis de Wolff (Jedikiah), Michael Standing (Ginge), Derek Crewe (Lefty), Philip Gilbert (TIM), Robert Bridges (Cyclops), Patricia Denys (Mrs. Jameson), Peter Weston (Policeman)

LogBook entry by Earl Green