The Medusa Strain – Part 3

Tomorrow PeopleJedikiah once again forces Carol and Peter, the boy from the future, to wear silencer bands that rob them of their abilities as Tomorrow People. Jedikiah then threatens to kill Carol unless Peter programs the time travel device to allow Jedikiah to prevent the Tomorrow People from becoming a dominant force in history. The raid on the secret base in 1973 goes awry, though, thanks to Ginge, who has stuck around to help John and the others. John and Stephen prepare to rescue Carol, but only put themselves in further danger.

Download this episode via Amazonwritten by Brian Finch and Roger Price
directed by Roger Price
music by Dudley Simpson

Tomorrow PeopleCast: Sammie Winmill (Carol), Nicholas Young (John), Peter Vaughan-Clarke (Stephen), Stephen Salmon (Kenny), Roger Bizley (Jedikiah), Michael Standing (Ginge), Philip Gilbert (TIM), Roger Booth (Robowski), Richard Speight (Peter), Dave Prowse (Android), Norman McGlen (The Medusa)

LogBook entry by Earl Green