One Way To The Moon

The Time TunnelTony and Doug time-travel into the future, appearing in the cargo compartment of the first attempted American manned mission to Mars. The added weight of the time travelers almost prevents the rocket from reaching escape velocity, and once they’re discovered by the crew, they’re immediately suspected of sabotage. The crew argues over options, ranging from aborting the mission and returning to Earth, to dumping the two stowaways into space to die. Senior officials from the space agency are rushed to the Time Tunnel control room in Arizona to observe and advise…and one of them is a younger version of one of the Mars ship’s crew, unable to account for his apparently treacherous future behavior…

Download this episode via Amazonwritten by William Welch
directed by Harry Harris
music by Lyn Murray

The Time TunnelCast: James Darren (Tony Newman), Robert Colbert (Doug Phillips), James T. Callahan (Navy Ensign Beard), Ben Cooper (Nazarro), Warren Stevens (Major “Doc” Harlow), Larry Ward (Colonel Kane), Whit Bissell (General Heywood Kirk), John Zaremba (Dr. Raymond Swain), Lee Meriwether (Dr. Ann MacGregor), Wesley Lau (Master Sgt. Jiggs), Barry Kelley (Vice Admiral Killian), Ross Elliott (Dr. Brandon)

LogBook entry by Earl Green