Secret, Identity

The TickArthur is cornered in an alley by Ms. Lint’s thugs, only to watch as a black-clad man with superpowers appear and murder all of them before disappearing. The police arrive, see only Arthur and several corpses, and put two and two together, bringing Arthur in for questioning. Fortunately for Arthur, security camera footage comes to light, showing the real killer: a super-anti-hero named Overkill. Overkill’s horrifying reputation is enough to put Arthur off the idea of further superheroics, and he returns to his day job. But danger follows him there in the form of Overkill…and even more danger follows in the form of the Tick. Arthur’s about to put in some overtime with Overkill.

Download this episode via Amazonwritten by Ben Edlund
directed by Wally Pfister
music by Chris Bacon

The TickCast: Peter Serafinowicz (The Tick), Griffin Newman (Arthur Everest), Valorie Curry (Dot Everest), Brendan Hines (Superian), Yara Martinez (Ms. Lint), Scott Speiser (Overkill), Jackie Earle Haley (The Terror), Michael Cerveris (Ramses IV), Michelle Buteau (Beck), Kahlil Ashanti (Goat), Richie Moriarty (Arthur’s Dad), Kyle Catlett (young Arthur), Joe Holt (Det. Green), Ken Marks (Supervisor), Tyler Bunch (Stosh), Meredith Forlenza (Det. Brown), Brian Dykstra (Det. White), Jonathan Tindle (Cat-Man-Dude), Arthur Wise (Jergen), Adam Harrington (1960s News Anchor), Nathaniel Beal (EOH Thig #1), Jonathan W. Lee (EOH Thug #2), Amy Holmes (News Anchor), Arthur Gerunda (Fishing Boat Captain), Teodorina Bello (Ouma)

LogBook entry by Earl Green