The Beehive

The StarlostA shipwide alert warning of “impending threat” draws Devon and his friends to a biosphere devoted to zoological studies. There, Dr. Marshall is leading a team of researchers who are examining the evolution of bees from Earth. But with all the time that has passed since Earthship Ark was launched, and with a little bit of genetic tweaking from Marshall, something has happened to the bees – at least four of them have grown to almost human size, and they’ve gained dominance over the smaller honeybees in the swarm. They’ve also somehow gained control of Marshall’s mind, jeopardizing the safety of his fellow humans (including Devon, Rachel and Garth) and forcing him to inform the swarm of any actions the humans are taking against the bees. When the other scientists decide that the time has come to eliminate the bees before they can escape and make the entire Ark their hive, the bees see it as a declaration of war.

Get this season on DVDwritten by Norman Klenman
directed by Bill Davis
music by Score Productions, Ltd.

Guest Cast: William Hutt (Dr. Pete Marshall), Antoinette Bower (Dr. Heather Marshall), Alan McRae (Ron Callisher), John Friesen (Harry Keeble)

LogBook entry by Earl Green