Circuit Of Death

The StarlostAn alarm sounds, alerting anyone listening to the presence of intruders on the bridge’s circuit room – intruders who are bypassing the failsafes on the Ark’s self-destruct system. Though Devon doesn’t understand the technical terminology, he, Garth and Rachel know that it’s reason enough to race back to the bridge. They find an electronics tech named Richards, along with his daughter Valerie, tampering with the circuitry, and Richards cons them into helping him load an escape vehicle supposedly intended for dumping the Ark’s logs in the event of a catastrophic emergency. But while Devon and his friends are from a relatively backward society, they’re not fools – an unmanned log dump wouldn’t require food and supplies. Richards and his daughter, fleeing from political oppression, are planning to destroy the Ark and make their own escape. But when the escape vehicle proves to be as damaged as the rest of the Ark, Richards is stuck – and now he has to undo the damage he’s done to the failsafe systems to initiate self-destruct, and he only has a “primitive” like Devon to help him.

Get this season on DVDwritten by Norman Klenman
directed by Peter Levin
music by Score Productions Ltd.

Guest Cast: Percy Rodrigues (I.A. Richards), Nerene Virgin (Valerie), Calvin Butler (Cort), William Osler (Computer Voice)

LogBook entry by Earl Green