Children Of Methuselah

The StarlostDevon thinks he’s located the Ark’s backup bridge, the only hope of regaining control of the drifting ship. Garth manages to jimmy the lock keypad to get into the doors marked “Restricted Area,” but the first thing Devon and his friends see is a young girl wearing the uniform of an Ark crewmember. They follow her into a room filled with elaborate controls, and see more uniformed children. When they reach the actual bridge, however, a teenage boy who seems to be acting as the captain makes it clear that Devon and the others are not welcome – and the children demonstrate their ability to mentally send pain to anyone who displeases them. At a very quick, one-sided trial, the teenage captain declares Devon’s story of the Ark in imminent danger to be a lie, and decides to hold the adults prisoner. Rachel finds that she has a little more pull with the children, especially the girls, but Devon’s hope that he’s found a way to regain control of the Ark is fading fast – because for some reason, the sensors and systems the children are using to pilot the Ark don’t register any danger…and in fact, they aren’t piloting the Ark at all.

Get this season on DVDwritten by Jonah Royston and George Ghent
from a story by Jonah Royston
directed by Joseph L. Scanlan
music by Score Productions Ltd.

Guest Cast: David Tyrrell (1), Susan Stacey (5), Scott Fisher (4), Gina Dick (10), William Osler (Computer Voice), Ricky O’Neill (6), Michael Tough (2)

LogBook entry by Earl Green