The Hitchhiker

The HighwaymanTurned away from a UFO crash site – and possibly the biggest story of her life – a reporter settles for hitching a ride with the Highwayman, who – unknown to her – is hauling the charred and highly radioactive remains of the UFO’s sole occupant to a military medical facility. His truck’s motion detectors pick up movement of the cargo, and it’s then that the reporter’s eyes take on a green glow – the consciousness of the UFO’s pilot has jumped to her body. At the medical facility, it continues going from person to person until it possesses the Highwayman himself, taking him over in a bid to signal for help from others of its kind – aliens who could easily enslave the Earth if they’re summoned there.

The Highwaymanwritten by Glen A. Larson
directed by Larry Shaw
music by Stu Phillips

Cast: Sam Jones (The Highwayman), Mark “Jacko” Jackson (Jetto), Jane Badler (Tania Winthrop), Tim Russ (D.C. Montana), Joe Regalbuto (Major Fury), James Staley (Major), Robert Doqui (Doctor), Wendie Malick (Dr. Leslie), Arlen Dean Snyder (General Nordhoff), Christina Raines-Crowe (Pepper MacKenzie), Stuart Grant (Dr. Long), Will Hannah (M.P.), Tony Noakes (Brig M.P.), Robin Wayne (Gate M.P.), Ron Brott (General’s Pilot)

LogBook entry by Earl Green