Inside The Closet

Tales From The DarksideGail, a college student, rents a room from a veterinary professor, Dr. Fenner, who provides her with room in a wardrobe because the key to the closet in the room she’s renting was lost long ago by his daughter. But once Gail moves into the room, she hears something behind the closet door – and learns that the key to her room also opens the closet that supposedly can’t be opened. Thinking that she heard a rat, Gail puts a mousetrap into the small closet, but what’s living in there is definitely not a rat.

written by Michael McDowell
directed by Tom Savini
music by Charlie Morrow

Cast: Fritz Weaver (Dr. Fenner), Roberta Weiss (Gail), Paul Sparer (Narrator)

LogBook entry by Earl Green