Spoil Of War

Survivors (1970s series)Settled into the easily defendable, castle-like estate, the survivors begin trying to grow their own food. A man named Paul approaches them outside, offering his expertise in working the land… and marveling at the fact that the city-dwellers are surviving at all with what little farming experience they have. Greg remembers his encounter with a couple in a rock quarry, and recalls that their caravan – almost certainly abandoned by now – was stocked with a number of things that could be planted and grown. He dispatches Tom Price to retrieve this stash, but Price fails to return at the appointed hour; instead of Price’s van, another vehicle approaches, containing businessman Arthur Russell and his overworked secretary, upon whom he seems to depend for everything even in the wake of the plague. The survivors do, in fact, need Paul’s help, and the supplies from the quarry… which aren’t as abandoned as Greg thinks.

written by M.K. Jeeves
directed by Gerald Blake
music by Anthony Isaac

Cast: Carolyn Seymour (Abby Grant), Ian McCulloch (Greg Preston), Lucy Fleming (Jenny Richards), Talfryn Thomas (Tom Price), Chris Tranchell (Paul Pitman), Terry Scully (Vic Thatcher), Hana-Maria Pravda (Emma Cohen), Julie Neubert (Wendy), John Hallett (Barney), Eileen Helsby (Charmian Wentworth), Michael Gover (Arthur Russell), Stephen Dudley (John), Tanya Ronder (Lizzie)

Notes: The quarry was last seen in the second episode of the series, Genesis. Though the most common usage of the phrase is “spoils of war” – indeed, Tom Price even says that in the course of the story – the title of the episode is indeed Spoil Of War.

LogBook entry by Earl Green