Gone To The Angels

Survivors (1970s series)Greg finally breaks down and tries to convince Abby that not only is her search for her son unlikely to produce the result she wants, but it’s preventing her from moving on to her role as a natural leader to rebuild society. But she refuses to give up the search, which takes her back to Peter’s school – where there are both surprising signs of life and signs that things have gotten worse for anyone who stayed behind. Greg and Jenny meet a pair of children who are desperately trying to scrape by, but they’ve met another boy – possibly from Peter’s nearby school – and talk about other children who have “gone to the angels.” Reunited with Abby, they try to find where any survivors from the school could have gone, but instead they discover an unnerved man who’s seen evidence that Arthur Wormley’s movement is gaining momentum.

written by Jack Ronder
directed by Gerald Blake
music by Anthony Isaac

Cast: Carolyn Seymour (Abby Grant), Ian McCulloch (Greg Preston), Lucy Fleming (Jenny Richards), Peter Miles (Lincoln), Frederick Hall (Jack), Kenneth Caswell (Robert), Nickolas Grace (Matthew), Stephen Dudley (John), Tanya Ronder (Lizzie)

LogBook entry by Earl Green