Corn Dolly

Survivors (1970s series)On the run after Wormley’s men discovered their shelter, Abby, Greg and Jenny encounter another small group of survivors, decidedly more friendly than any of Wormley’s thugs. Their leader, Charles, is open and seems to share Abby’s desire to restart society in simpler, more peaceful terms. Not only does Charles seem to have the same goals as Abby, but joining up with his group would save her the responsibility of personally leading what remains of humanity. Charles’ group seems to have abundant resources, and they’ve already begun planting crops. But when Abby and her friends return to Charles’ commune with him, they find that many of his followers are deathly ill. Abby soon discovers that her definition of mercy, and her ideas for ensuring humanity’s survival, may not be the same things Charles has in mind after all.

written by Jack Ronder
directed by Pennant Roberts
music by Anthony Isaac

Cast: Carolyn Seymour (Abby Grant), Ian McCulloch (Greg Preston), Lucy Fleming (Jenny Richards), Denis Lill (Charles), Yvonne Bonnamy (Isla), Annie Hayes (Loraine), Keith Jayne (Mick), June Bolton (Tessa), Maureen Nelson (Woman)

Notes: This episode is the source of much information about the state of post-plague England; the estimated population of the entire island is down to 10,000, and no more than one person from any given immediate family seems to have survived. The domestic cat has also mysteriously vanished in the wake of the disease. It is, however, possible that Charles invented these statistics to make the idea of joining his commune more appealing and urgent.

LogBook entry by Earl Green