SupertrainMovie producer Jack Hogarth is on his way out – out of business, out of his office, and out of luck. He’s failed to seal the deal for his next film, and the financial backers for the project have called in the chips…including shady organized crime figures who have sent a couple of hit men to “collect”, just as Jack is on the phone with rising star Tammy Tyler, trying to convince her to agree to star in the sinking movie project. Upon learning that Tammy is taking a trip aboard Supertrain, Jack decides that’s where he needs to be too…and his pursuers book a trip as well. Jack has the time it takes for Supertrain to travel from L.A. to New York to convince Tammy to sign up for his movie…and maybe about that long to live if he can’t.

written by Larry Alexander
directed by David Moessinger
music by Bob Cobert

SupertrainCast: Edward Andrews (Harry Flood), Patrick Collins (David Noonan), Harrison Page (George Boone), Robert Alda (Dr. Lewis), Nita Talbot (Rose Casey), Aarika Wells (Gilda), William Nuckols (Wally), Michael DeLano (Lou Atkins), Charlie Brill (Robert), Dennis Dugan (Jack Hogarth), Randee Heller (Tammy Tyler), Sylvia Sidney (Agatha), Noah Hathaway (Kid), Timothy Carey (Anderson), Mills Watson (Clyde), Bo Hopkins (O’Toole)

SupertrainNotes: Noah Hathaway was also, at the time this episode aired, appearing on Battlestar Galactica as Boxey. Dennis Dugan appeared numerous times on Hill Street Blues, Moonlighting, and M*A*S*H, and briefly starred in his own series, Dennis Brockleman, Private Eye, a year before Supertrain premiered. He has since become the director of such movies as Grown Ups, Jack And Jill, and You Don’t Mess With The Zohan. He also directed numerous TV shows in the 1990s, including episodes of NYPD Blue, Picket Fences, and Shasta McNasty. Supertrain!

LogBook entry by Earl Green