The Queen And The Improbable Knight

SupertrainTravel reporter Barney Sweet lands an assignment to ride Supertrain and tell his readers what he thinks of the service, but he’s less thrilled to find an old rival boarding at the same time. Running into a woman named Ali lifts Barney’s spirits, but the moment she indicates that she’s equally interested in him, Barney becomes embroiled in a series of strange incidents, including what he’s certain is a murder, though he’s unable to prove anything to the crew of Supertrain. Barney’s rival reporter, Flex, discovers that Ali is a distantly-related royal heiress to the throne of a foreign country, and the events Barney has witnessed are a build-up to an assassination attempt.

written by Brad Radnitz
directed by Charles Dubin
music by Bob Cobert

SupertrainCast: Edward Andrews (Harry Flood), Patrick Collins (David Noonan), Harrison Page (George Boone), Robert Alda (Dr. Lewis), Nita Talbot (Rose Casey), Aarika Wells (Gilda), William Nuckols (Wally), Michael DeLano (Lou Atkins), Charlie Brill (Robert), Paul Sand (Barney Sweet), Mary Louise Weller (Ali), Michael V. Gazzo (Menkton), Nehemiah Persoff (Max), Steven Franken (Flex), Fred Sadoff (Royal Guard), Kenneth Mars (Turley), Alba Francesca (Theresa), Paul Tuerpe (Royal Subject), Shauna Sullivan (Passenger), Annie Starr (Passenger), David Wiley (Passenger)

LogBook entry by Earl Green