A Very Formal Heist

SupertrainIt’s Wayne Randall’s first day on the job as the assistant chief conductor aboard Supertrain…but when chief conductor Harry Flood comes down with the mumps and is confined to the isolation room in Dr. Lewis’ on-board clinic, Wayne finds himself in charge of the train. He tries to keep things running smoothly as new Supertrain social director Penny Whitaker puts the finishing touches on a major charity event…but then has to deal with a few minor problems, such as a would-be jewel thief…and an engine meltdown that could turn Supertrain into a fast-moving nuclear bomb with passengers.

teleplay by Jeff Wilhelm
story by Brad Radnitz and Robert Stambler and Jeff Wilhelm
directed by Dennis Donnelly
music by Bob Cobert

SupertrainCast: Edward Andrews (Harry Flood), Ilene Graff (Penny Whitaker), Harrison Page (George Boone), Robert Alda (Dr. Lewis), Joey Aresco (Wayne Randall), Zsa Zsa Gabor (Audrey), Lyle Waggoner (Peter Sebastian), Peter Lawford (Quentin Fuller), Abe Vigoda (Ray Yellburton), Sally Kirkland (Katherine Sully), Ted Gehring (Tex), Cameron Young (Partygoer), Dorothy Dells (Partygoer), Jack Heller (Chef), Gail Landry (Partygoer), Lou Felder (Ice Sculptor), Gordon Connell (Partygoer), Bob Basso (Partygoer), Kate Geer (Partygoer), Brenda King (Partygoer), Deborah Allison (Partygoer), Michael Feffer (Partygoer), Maggie Jean Smith (Mike)

SupertrainNotes: More big changes are afoot in this episode of Supertrain, with the addition of Ilene Graff and Joey Aresco as new regulars, along with a constellation of guest stars including Zsa Zsa Gabor, Lyle Waggoner (Wonder Woman), Peter Lawford (The Thin Man, Ocean’s 11), Abe Vigoda (Barney Miller), and Sally Kirkland. Herman Zimmerman – formerly of Far-Out Space Nuts, and later the architect of the Star Trek spinoffs‘ ship interiors – joins the show as production designer. Supertrain!

LogBook entry by Earl Green