Stargate SG-1Mitchell arrives at O’Neill’s cabin for a mandated team bonding weekend. For the moment, he’s bonding only with Gen. Landry, since Daniel is in England researching Ancient texts, Carter is in charge of the SGC, and Teal’c is assisting Col. Reynolds’ team with an offworld mission. Mitchell finds the situation slightly uncomfortable and distinctly not-relaxing, despite Landry’s orders to ease up for the weekend.

Teal’c reports back that Reynolds’ team, which has been on a covert mission, has found a sudden rash of maulings. Vala reasons that if Carter sends teams back out to investigate, they can determine if the Ori have anything to do with this . . . and delay their arrival at the cabin in the bargain. The creature attacks several members of the SG teams, but Teal’c is able to kill one with a grenade before it can attack Vala. Back at SGC, researchers discover that the creature was originally a benign plant-eater, but had been mutated by some strange slug-like creature with an odd radiation signature. Carter eventually discovers that these creatures have been bleeding through from another dimension. SG teams have been using modified Sodan cloaking devices in order to conduct covert observation missions, and the modifications removed a radiation screen that blocked the slugs.

Carter contacts Area 51 to round up all of the offending devices, but a recovered Agent Barrett discovers that one is missing, presumably in the hands of the Trust. When Mitchell and Landry learn that a strange creature has been mauling hunters around their cabin, they confirm that hypothesis – a member of the Trust has been spying on them all weekend. As a result, the mutated maulers are on Earth.

Order the DVDsDownload this episode via Amazon's Unboxwritten by Damian Kindler
directed by Will Waring
music by Joel Goldsmith

Guest Cast: Jodie Graham (SG Leader)