Tin Man

Stargate SG-1A visit to the planet PX-939 quickly becomes terrifying for SG-1. They are immobilized by an energy discharge near the stargate, awakening later in new uniforms. A man named Harlan claims to have made the team “better,” but when they insist on returning to Earth, Harlan tells them they’ll be back. During the routine post-mission medical exam, Dr. Fraiser discovers that all four of the members of SG-1 now appear to be robotic rather than human, despite having all of their memories intact. General Hammond has SG-1 confined until they begin to malfunction. SG-1 returns through the gate, where Harlan reveals that he, too, is a synthetic – and has been for 11,000 years. He has recreated SG-1 as synthetics to help him in the daunting task of maintaining the planet, and also to keep him company. But even as they learn the advantages and abilities of their new bodies, O’Neill and the others can’t help but wonder…what happened to their organic bodies?

Order the DVDsDownload this episode via Amazon's Unboxwritten by Jeff King
directed by Jimmy Kaufman
music by Joel Goldsmith

Guest Cast: Jay Brazeau (Harlan), Teryl Rothery (Dr. Fraiser), Dan Shea (O’Neill alternate)

LogBook entry by Earl Green