Thor’s Chariot

Stargate SG-1On the world where SG-1 encountered and destroyed the Goa’uld-killing device known as Thor’s Hammer, a Goa’uld attack force led by Heru’ur – the child of Ra and Hathor – has overrun the planet. Without Thor’s Hammer to stop them, the indigenous humans have been forced underground, or have been captured and enslaved. Gairwyn, who has survived the attacks, leads O’Neill and his comrades to a place called the Hall of Thor’s Might, and Carter and Daniel join Gairwyn in trying to decipher the Hall’s puzzles. Teal’c and O’Neill try to prepare the decimated local population to do battle with an overwhelming invasion force. But whether the mysteries of Thor’s hall provide them with a new means of doing battle with the Goa’uld, O’Neill and the others are keenly aware that whatever happens to this world and its people are a direct result of SG-1’s intervention, and the team is prepared to pay the price.

Order the DVDswritten by Katharyn Powers
directed by William Gereghty
music by Joel Goldsmith

Guest Cast: Tamsin Kelsey (Gairwyn), Andrew Kavadas (Olaf), Douglas H. Arthurs (Heru’ur), Mark Gibbon (Thor), Laara Sadiq (Technician), Michael Tiernan (Horus Warrior)

Notes: This is the first time the true form of the Asgard is seen in the series, even though it’s only via hologram.

LogBook entry by Earl Green