The Torment Of Tantalus

Stargate SG-1Reviewing classified film footage from 1945 dating back to the discovery of the stargate, Daniel discovers something disturbing: the government researchers trying to activate the gate managed to not only activate it, but to send a man through – after which a power overload traps that man at his destination. Daniel pays a visit to Catherine Langford, the woman who originally brought him in on the secret of the stargate project, and lets her in on a secret of his own – by examining the 1945 film, he’s figured out where the man, Catherine’s fiancee, was sent. Daniel infuriates General Hammond by not only bringing Catherine to the SGC, but by drawing up a mission plan to save Ernest Littlefield – a mission on which Catherine insists on joining SG-1. Once through the gate, they find Ernest quickly, in a crumbling tower where he’s been trapped for 50 years thanks to a broken dial-home device. But Ernest has spent that half-century studying a device containing knowledge of undiscovered elements and secrets of the Ancients, the race who built the stargate network. When an approaching storm completely destroys the DHD, the team must devise a way to power the gate for a one-shot trip back home, and the only power source left is being used by the Ancient device – something which Daniel refuses to allow to be shut down.

Order the DVDsDownload this episode via Amazon's Unboxwritten by Robert C. Cooper
directed by Jonathan Glassner
music by Kevin Kiner

Guest Cast: Elizabeth Hoffman (Catherine Langford), Keene Curtis (Ernest Littlefield), Gary Jones (Technician), Duncan Fraser (Professor Langford), Nancy McClure (young Catherine), Paul McGillion (young Ernest), Sheelah Megill (Martha – Maid)

Notes: Paul McGillion would later join the regular cast of the spinoff series Stargate: Atlantis as Dr. Carson Beckett.

LogBook entry by Earl Green with notes by Dave Thomer