The Nox

Stargate SG-1A representative from the White House visits the SGC to express the President’s misgivings that the Stargate program has yet to reap any useful technological benefits. When Teal’c mentions a planet where the indigenous life form has the power of invisibility, that world becomes SG-1’s next destination – despite the fact that Teal’c once hunted this creature without any success. When the team arrives, the stargate they traveled through seems to disappear after their arrival. Worse yet, they spot Apophis and a squadron of Goa’uld there as well, and the team’s attempt to ambush him is painfully unsuccessful. They awaken in what looks like a primitive village, apparently healed by the locals. But these primitives have also saved one of Apophis’ guards, not comprehending that he is an enemy of the others. The creatures, who call themselves the Nox, make a quick study of SG-1’s language and begins to communicate. But when O’Neill tries to offer his help in ridding the Nox of their Goa’uld problem, the pacifistic creatures refuse. But the Nox are hiding a secret of their own – a secret that could bring all of Apophis’ merciless force to bear on them, with O’Neill and his team in the middle.

Order the DVDsDownload this episode via Amazon's Unboxwritten by Hart Hanson
directed by Charles Correll
music by Joel Goldsmith

Stargate SG-1Guest Cast: Armin Shimerman (Anteaus), Peter Williams (Apophis), Ray Xifo (Ohper), Gary Jones (Technician), Frida Betrani (Lya), Terry David Mulligan (Swift), Addison Ridge (Nafrayu), Michasa Armstrong (Shak’l), Zoran Vukelic (Jaffa)

Notes: Armin Shimerman played Quark for all seven seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, as well as frequently guest starring as the principal of Buffy’s high school on Buffy: The Vampire Slayer.

LogBook entry by Earl Green with notes by Dave Thomer