The Ark

Stargate AtlantisAn exploration of an apparently abandoned space station, built into a hollowed-out asteroid orbiting a planet, intrigues McKay – to the point that he restarts the installation’s reactor and triggers the reanimation of a frozen crew of two men who weren’t picked up by sensors. They were left behind to guard a device storing a thousand of their people to protect them from detection by the Wraith. Upon learning that his world and his family fell victim to the Wraith before they could evacuate to the station, one of the revived crew commits suicide by firing the engines of the station’s single shuttle and stepping into the incinerating blast. But the engines also burn through the asteroid itself, pushing it out of its orbit…and blasting into space the jumper used by Sheppard’s team to get there. With time running out, a rescue team from Atlantis arrives to retrieve the crew, but before they can evacuate, the sole surviving reanimated crew member takes the survival of his race – and Teyla’s life – into his own hands.

Order the DVDsDownload this episode via Amazon's Unboxstory by Ken Cuperus & Scott Nimerfro
telelplay by Ken Cuperus
directed by Martin Wood
music by Joel Goldsmith and Neil Acree

Guest Cast: Kenneth Welsh (Jamus), Joris Jarsky (Hersky), Kavan Smith (Major Lorne), Chuck Campbell (Technician), Gerry Durand (Marine)

LogBook entry by Earl Green