Stargate SG-1Mitchell takes some time off from Stargate Command to visit his friend and former colleague Major Bryce Ferguson. Four years ago, he got a piece of shrapnel in his head saving Mitchell’s life, and now Mitchell has had him moved to the Air Force hospital associated with the Stargate program in hopes that their advanced technology can heal the aneurysm that threatens his life. Ferguson has accepted his fate, however – he just wants to know about what top-secret projects Mitchell has been involved in. He’s heard rumors of dogfights over Antarctica and other crazy things – things he may have been involved with himself if he hadn’t been injured. But Mitchell can reveal nothing.

On Dakara, Teal’c and Bra’tac attempt to dissolve the high council in order to allow open democratic elections for leadership of the Free Jaffa Nation. But they are surprised when their allies turn against them without warning. When Teal’c attempts to investigate, Ba’al’s forces kidnap him. The Goa’uld wants to keep the council in place so that he can assume leadership of the Jaffa and prepare them for war against the Ori, and he has brainwashed many Jaffa to help him – including members of the council. Teal’c’s own resistance is too strong, so Ba’al is forced to take harsher measures. Bra’tac turns to the SGC for help; Daniel accompanies him back to Chulak and Dakara to investigate while Carter prepares a rescue force.

The hospital is unable to help Ferguson, so Mitchell gets permission to use a modified version of the memory transfer device to let his friend live his experiences of the last four years. The grateful Ferguson urges Mitchell to get back to the SGC and help rescue Teal’c, and not feel guilty about what has happened – Mitchell is in a line of work where he needs to follow his instincts, even if that leads him into trouble. Mitchell joins the rescue team, clearly with a lot of frustration to take out on someone. The only question is whether he’s more dangerous to Ba’al’s forces or to himself.

Order the DVDswritten by Alan McCullough
directed by Peter DeLuise
music by Joel Goldsmith

Guest Cast: Tony Amendola (Bra’tac), Cliff Simon (Ba’al), Reed Diamond (Major Ferguson), Dakin Matthews (Maz’rai), Simone Bailly (Ka’lel), Yan Feldman (Til’Vak), Veena Sood (Dr. Kelly), Don Thompson (U’kin), Gardiner Millar (Yat’yir), Ken Kirzinger (Jaffa Commander), Erik Breker (SG-3 Leader)

Notes: Mitchell’s prior experience with the memory device was in Collateral Damage. Teal’c was brainwashed by Apophis in season 5’s Enemies. Bra’tac helped him undergo the ritual of Mal’sharran to overcome the brainwashing in the following episode, Threshold. The Antarctic mission that Ferguson has heard about originally occurred in season 7’s Lost City, Part 2, and Mitchell’s part in that mission was shown in this season’s Avalon, Part 1. The exploding building that Ferguson mentions was the result of Ba’al’s activities in this season’s Ex Deus Machina.

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer

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