Shades Of Grey

Stargate SG-1After Daniel makes a lengthy appeal to open diplomatic relations with the Tollan, they still refuse to trade technology with Earth. Incensed, O’Neill interrupts the negotiations and calls the talks off – if Earth’s new allies can offer no help in defending the planet, they’re not really allies. As SG-1 prepares to return to Earth, O’Neill takes a piece of Tollan technology without permission, specifically the device that neutralizes enemy weapons. General Hammond is outraged at the theft, and has O’Neill removed from active duty and examined for any evidence of alien mind control; to his dismay, Dr. Fraiser finds no such evidence. Faced with court-martial or retirement, O’Neill chooses retirement – and in very short order, he’s contacted by Colonel Maybourne, who claims to be working for an “offshoot” of NID. Maybourne wants O’Neill to command teams going through a stargate again, but this time O’Neill will be pilfering any alien tech that could help Earth, with no diplomatic overtures. O’Neill reluctantly agrees to go along, but one of his very first missions pits him squarely against his former SG-1 teammates.

Order the DVDsstory by Jonathan Glassner
directed by Martin Wood
music by Kevin Kiner

Guest Cast: Tom McBeath (Col. Harry Maybourne), Steve Makaj (Col. Makepeace), Marie Stillin (High Chancellor Travell), Christian Bocher (Neumann), Teryl Rothery (Dr. Fraiser), Linnea Sharples (Lt. Clare Tobias)

LogBook entry by Earl Green