Stargate SG-1Jacob Carter visits the SGC on behalf of the Tok’ra, bearing a holographic projection identifying and ranking the Goa’uld System Lords. One of the symbols, representing a System Lord named Setesh – also known in ancient Egyptian mythology as Set or Sutekh, the god of chaos – and the Tok’ra believe Satesh is living incognito on Earth. Daniel finds a promising lead, a cult that has worhsipped Setesh down through the ages; the most recent derivative of that cult is now led by a man named Seth, who leads his followers from a heavily armed compound north of Seattle. According to ATF files on the cult, Seth is rumored to be able to make his eyes glow, and heal his followers (or kill his enemies) with a device worn on his hand – a description that seems to fit a rogue System Lord perfectly. It turns out that others are heavily armed as well – an ATF task force is setting up shop nearby, preparing to storm Seth’s compound, as O’Neill and the others discover when they conduct an initial survey. Though the ATF resists the idea of an Air Force presence in his operation, a phone call from the President puts O’Neill in charge of the mission. Teal’c and Jacob remain at the ATF command post, since Seth would quickly detect a Goa’uld host, but the rest of SG-1 is captured and become Seth’s disciples via an unusually persuasive method of Goa’uld mind control.

Order the DVDswritten by Jonathan Glassner
directed by William Corcoran
music by Joel Goldsmith

Guest Cast: Carmen Aregenziano (Jacob Carter / Selmak), Robert Duncan (Seth), Mitchell Kosterman (Special Agent Hamner), Stuart O’Connell (Tommy), Lucia Walter (Disciple), Greg Michaels (Joe Levinson), Rob Morton (Sheriff)

Notes: Sutekh is no stranger to science fiction – though not connected in any way to the Stargate saga, another being claiming to be the Egyptian god of chaos did battle with Doctor Who in the 1976 classic Pyramids Of Mars.

LogBook entry by Earl Green