Rules Of Engagement

Stargate SG-1SG-1 stumbles across what appears to be a pitched ground battle between Jaffa warriors and an SGC team. Believing it to be SG-11, a team which has been missing from Earth for nearly a year, O’Neill and SG-1 try to assist, but are quickly ambushed and shot by snipers who are also wearing SGC uniforms. SG-1 awakens, only fired on with stun weapons. O’Neill notices their captors’ unit patches – “SG-X” – and everyone notices that their captors are all very young men, the oldest of which are barely of enlistment age. Teal’c bluffs the leader of the “SG-X” unit, Captain Rogers, learning that these young humans – none of them even hosts to Goa’uld symbiotes – were taken from their own worlds and trained to infiltrate the SGC on Earth. Teal’c and O’Neill try to tell Rogers and his team the truth: that Apophis has died and the battle they’re training for will never happen…but that only intensifies the warlike fervor of the would-be soldiers.

Order the DVDswritten by Terry Curtis Fox
directed by William Gereghty
music by Joel Goldsmith

Guest Cast: Peter Williams (Apophis), Aaron Craven (Captain Rogers), Dion Johnstone (Captain Nelson), Jesse Moss (Lt. Hibbard), Teryl Rothery (Dr. Fraiser), Josh Byer (Sergeant)

Notes: The videotape of the dying Apophis is from the episode Serpent’s Song. The information on SGC uniforms and customs was obtained from the missing SG-11 team by Apophis; SG-11 went MIA somewhere between The Tok’ra Part II and Spirits in the second season.

LogBook entry by Earl Green