Stargate SG-1When Tok’ra intelligence detects a developing black hole, Sam fears that the Ori might be trying to build another supergate. She takes SG-5 to P3X-584 investigate, but quickly dials back to SGC – the team was sent to a completely different planet. Her investigation reveals that the gate at their destination has been altered to require an access code – travelers who fail to provide the code are shunted to another destination. They are able to crack the code, and SG-1 accompanies SG-5 to 584. Once there, they find rings that transport Mitchell, Daniel and Teal’c into an underground genetics lab, where it looks like a Goa’uld may have been trying to develop an advanced host. Daniel discovers notes written in Ancient, while Mitchell revives a man kept in a stasis chamber.

A medical team brings the revived man, Khalek, to SGC, where he claims to have been an involuntary test subject for some sort of experiment. Daniel translates enough of the notes in the lab to know better. Khalek is a genetically altered clone based partially on Anubis’s pre-ascension DNA. He has superhuman abilities, with a level of brain activity far beyond human norms. He has Anubis’s inherited genetic memory, ensuring that he will seek to conquer as his ancestors did. And he’s growing stronger – soon, perhaps, strong enough to reach ascended status on his own. Daniel argues that Earth can not afford to allow another Anubis to come into being – Khalek must at the very least be returned to stasis. And perhaps, Daniel says, SGC should strongly consider killing him outright.

Before Gen. Landry can make a decision, Richard Woolsey arrives representing the International Oversight Advisory (IOA) committee. The advanced Khalek has similarities to the Priors. Woolsey suggests that SGC study Khalek in hopes of finding a way to neutralize the Priors’ ability. If SGC is incapable of doing so, then the oversight committee will reconsider its funding. Even after Khalek nearly escapes once, Woolsey is determined to proceed. On 584, Sam discovers that Khalek will not be powerful enough to ascend without more treatments in the lab. When Khalek overhears her report, he becomes more determined than ever to escape, no matter how much of SGC stands in his way.

Order the DVDswritten by Allan McCullough
directed by Peter DeLuise
music by Joel Goldsmith

Guest Cast: Neil Jackson (Khalek), Robert Picardo (Woolsey), Gary Jones (Sgt. Walter Harriman), Lexa Doig (Dr. Lam)

Notes: Members of SG-1 refer to the Goa’uld Nirrti, whose genetic experiments in search of a better host were discovered in season 6’s Metamorphosis.

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer