Stargate SG-1The Tollan make an appearance, overpowering the SGC’s defenses and stepping right through the closed Iris, informing General Hammond that SG-1’s presence has been requested by someone who is on trial in a Tollan Triad. When O’Neill and the others arrive on Tollana, they discover that the defendant is Skaara – and so is the plantiff. Both Skaara and his Goa’uld symbiont have argued for control over Skaara’s body, and the Triad is to determine which of them will keep control. To O’Neill’s dismay, the counsel for the symbiont is a Goa’uld System Lord, and his minions who have accompanied him to Tollana have their own orders – to prepare to deliver the Tollan to their own judgement day.

Order the DVDswritten by Katharyn Powers
directed by David Warry-Smith
music by Joel Goldsmith & Richard Band

Guest Cast: Alexis Cruz (Skara), Frida Betrani (Lya),
Marie Stillin (High Chancellor Travell), Garwin Sanford (Narim), Kevin Durand (Zipacna), Bill Nikolai (Technician)

Notes: Lya’s first appearance was in The Nox, while Narim and Tollan first appeared in Enigma, both in the first season.

LogBook entry by Earl Green