Stargate SG-1Safely returned from his alternate reality nightmare, Daniel’s attempts to warn the SGC of an impending Goa’uld attack are a hard sell, even where his own teammates are concerned. What his teammates are concerned with is an equally imminent invasion by Senator Kinsey, who has learned of the SGC’s existence – and its annual $7 billion price tag – but still isn’t cleared to know of its purpose. Kinsey’s aim is to shut down the SGC permanently, but the President has told him to interview the SG-1 team before making his decision. The Senator believes that the explorations through the stargate have exposed Earth to unimaginable danger, and that the gate should be closed forever. When Daniel tries to back up SG-1’s defense with the incredible news of the coming Goa’uld attack, it may not help the case for keeping the SGC’s lights on.

Order the DVDsDownload this episode via Amazon's Unboxwritten by Brad Wright
directed by Martin Wood
music by Joel Goldsmith, Richard Band, Kevin Kiner and Dennis McCarthy

Guest Cast: Ronny Cox (Senator Kinsey), Robert Wisden (Lt. Col. Samuels)

Appearing in footage from Children Of The Gods and The Nox: Peter Williams (Apophis)

Notes: Daniel’s sarcastic reference to “uploading a computer virus to the mothership” is a sly nod toward the 1996 movie Independence Day – which was, of course, the brainchild of Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich, who also wrote and directed the original Stargate film. Since Devlin and Emmerich have expressed that Stargate SG-1 – and MGM – took the Stargate universe in a direction that they would not have chosen for future movie sequels, it may be that this is the producers’ response to those comments. (Maybe the producers would’ve been on firmer ground to fire that kind of shot if this episode wasn’t a “clip show” consisting largely of excerpts from not just past episodes, but the movie as well.)

LogBook entry by Earl Green with notes by Dave Thomer