Point Of View

Stargate SG-1In the Area 51 holding area at Nellis AFB, two people emerge from the mirror device that one transported Daniel to an alternate reality, and are promptly taken into custody by the guards there. They’re brought to Cheyenne Mountain, where everyone recognizes them as Samantha Carter and Major Kawalsky. But in the reality from which they come, not only did Carter never join the Air Force, but Earth has been overrun by the Goa’uld. In the alternate reality, Dr. Samantha Carter was married to O’Neill, who died in the Goa’uld attack on the mountain – and no one from the alternate reality has ever heard of the Asgard. Worse yet, something begins to happen to the alternate Carter as she spends more time in the SGC, and it may be linked to the presence of two Carters in the same reality. A plan is formulated to return Dr. Carter and Major Kawalsky back to their reality, along with some additional firepower from the SGC – and a way to contact the Asgard. First, however, Apophis and his deadly first prime, Teal’c, will have to be overthrown.

Order the DVDsstory by Jonathan Glassner & Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper and Tor Alexander Valenza
teleplay by Jonathan Glassner & Brad Wright
directed by Peter DeLuise
music by Joel Goldsmith

Guest Cast: Jay Acovone (Major Kawalsky), Peter Williams (Apophis), Teryl Rothery (Dr. Fraiser), Ty Olsson (Jaffa #1), Shawn Reis (Jaffa #2), Tracy Westerholm (SF Guard)

Notes: The mirror device was first seen in the first season episode There But For The Grace Of God.

LogBook entry by Earl Green