Stargate AtlantisWhen Teyla and Dr. Keller go to pay a fairly routine visit to a resettled village of Athosians, and finds the entire village deserted except for one survivor, it seems that the Wraith are once again on the move. The sole survivor of the village claims the the Bola Kai, a brutish sect of Wraith worshippers, betrayed the Athosians to the Wraith. When the Bola Kai appear, they are indeed brutish, and Teyla reminds the terrified Keller not to divulge any details about Atlantis’ existence. Keller tries to send the Bola Kai on a wild goose chase to the wrong gate address to buy time for Sheppard to realize they need backup. But as Teyla and Keller try to escape, they discover something shocking about the surviving Athosian…and Keller has an even bigger surprise for Teyla when she examines her wounds from the ensuing fight.

Order the DVDswritten by Carl Binder
directed by Andy Mikita
music by Joel Goldsmith and Neil Acree

Guest Cast: Jewel Staite (Dr. Keller), Danny Trejo (Omal), Johann Helf (Nabel Gohan)

LogBook entry by Earl Green