Miller’s Crossing

Stargate AtlantisStuck on a particularly problematic part of reprogramming the Replicators’ nanites, Rodney is left with only one solution – consult with someone at least as brilliant as he is. In this case, that means his sister. But shortly after Rodney’s sister Jeannie e-mails a solution back to Atlantis, she’s abducted on Earth. Rodney, Colonel Sheppard and Ronon return to Earth via stargate to take part in the investigation, but a strong lead in the case turns out to be a trap for Rodney, and he too is kidnapped. Rodney finds himself in the clutches of Henry Wallace, billionaire owner of a private medical technology company that has some very peripheral dealings with the Stargate program. But Wallace knows just enough to know that Rodney and Jeannie hold the key to the Replicator nanites, and may be able to save his dying daughter. But Rodney knows enough to know that even if they succeed, it won’t end there.

Order the DVDswritten by Martin Gero
directed by Andy Mikita
music by Joel Goldsmith and Neil Acree

Guest Cast: Kate Hewlett (Jeannie Miller), Christopher Heyerdahl (Wraith), Peter Flemming (Malcolm Barrett), Brendan Gall (Kaleb), Gary Jones (Walter Harriman), Stephen Culp (Henry Wallace), Madison Bell (Madison)

Notes: NID agent Malcolm Barrett first appeared in SG-1’s fifth season in Wormhole X-Treme!, and continued to make periodic appearances on SG-1; his first Atlantis appearance was in the episode Critical Mass.

LogBook entry by Earl Green