Stargate AtlantisLt. Michael Kenmore awakens in Atlantis, surrounded by Dr. Weir, Dr. Beckett and Colonel Sheppard. They inform him that he’s suffering from a traumatic memory blackout after being attacked by the Wraith, but that he’ll recover. When he meets more of the crew, Michael feels safe, and yet he’s troubled by dreams, visions, and impulses. He tries to pry into his own past to jog his memory, but Beckett urges him not to try to take in too much information at once. Everyone seems overprectective of Michael, except for Ronon, who attacks him without provocation. When Michael finally does dig deep enough to find out how he came to be at Atlantis, however, he learns that he’s not the man everyone has told him he is, he’s not a member of the Atlantis crew, and he’s not even human – and never has been.

Order the DVDswritten by Carl Binder
directed by Martin Wood
music by Joel Goldsmith

Guest Cast: Connor Trinneer (Michael), Claire Rankin (Dr. Heightmeyer), Doug Chapman (Cole), James Lafaznos (Wraith Michael)

Note: Connor Trinneer co-starred on all four seasons of Star Trek: Enterprise as Chief Engineer “Trip” Tucker.

LogBook entry by Earl Green