It’s Good To Be King

Stargate SG-1As the influence of the System Lords spreads, the Tok’ra advise Earth to evacuate some of their least-defended planets. When SG-1 arrives at one of these worlds, however, they’re not exactly greeted with open arms – in fact, they’re captured and taken to the locals’ king. That king, however, turns out to be Harry Maybourne, the team’s old adversary from NID. Maybourne has achieved his new status by deciphering the runes on a nearby obelisk, which appear to predict future events – and naturally, after making a few accurate “predictions” based on his translations, Maybourne was elevated to royalty by the locals. Daniel does some deciphering of his own, and what he discovers leads the team to a timeship that once belonged to the Ancients. Even more troubling is a rune that Maybourne has already managed to read – a rune indicating that an imminent Goa’uld attack could overrun the planet and its people. O’Neill arrives to assess the situation, and decides that the timeship should be destroyed and the people – including their “king” – evacuated. But the Goa’uld arrive ahead of schedule, and they learn of the obelisk from one of Maybourne’s subjects, leading them to the timeship. O’Neill and Carter get the ship spaceborne in a hurry, forcing Daniel and Teal’c – and Maybourne – to fend for themselves.

Order the DVDsstory by Michael Greenburg & Peter DeLuise and Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie
teleplay by Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie
directed by William Gereghty
music by Joel Goldsmith

Guest Cast: Wayne Brady (Trelak), Tom McBeath (Harry Maybourne), Melanie Blackwell (Servant), Robert Bruce (Local), Zak Church (Local)

LogBook entry by Earl Green