Stargate SG-1Exploration teams are having trouble making any headway on the two worlds identified by Morgan in Atlantis. Daniel has returned to Camelot to look for clues in Merlin’s library. The rest of the team is somewhat surprised when an uncloaked Alkesh heads right into Cheyenne airspace. After Landry orders it shot down, SG-1 heads to the crash site to discover that the ship bears a Ba’al, claiming to be the original and offering a deal. Ba’al believes that the location of the anti-Ori weapon can be found at one of the stargate addresses O’Neill learned from the Ancient repository the first time he encountered it. If SGC will kill the rest of his clones – whom Ba’al says have turned against him – then Ba’al will tell them how to find the weapon.

Agent Barrett arrives to request that SGC turn Ba’al over to the NID for questioning, in order to help gather intelligence about the Goa’uld infiltration of the Trust. But the hunt for Merlin’s weapon takes priority, so SG-1 and several other teams capture a number of clones and return them to the SGC. When Barrett has an uncharacteristic loss of patience, it provides an opportunity for one of the clones to escape. Dr. Lee attempts to rig up a system to dispense symbiote poison through the ventilation systems, but in the time it takes to coordinate that effort, the clones demonstrate some impressive coordination of their own, as the Goa’uld’s real agenda becomes clear.

Order the DVDsDownload this episode via Amazon's Unboxwritten by Alan McCullough
directed by Pete Woeste
music by Joel Goldsmith

Guest Cast: Cliff Simon (Ba’al), Peter Flemming (Agent Malcolm Barrett), Bill Dow (Dr. Lee)

Notes: O’Neill first (and inadvertently) used the Ancient repository in season 2’s The Fifth Race. The Goa’uld infiltration of the Trust was discovered in season 8’s Full Alert. SG-1 foiled Ba’al’s plan to establish his own network of stargates in season 9’s Off the Grid.

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer

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