Stargate AtlantisColonel Sheppard and his team find an unusual gateway on a planet, surrounded by Ancient runes. When Sheppard steps through it, after several tests have shown the energy gate to be harmless, he’s trapped on the other side. Worse yet, Dr. McKay discovers that time is passing much faster on Sheppard’s side of the gate – for every minute that the team debates what to do, days pass for Sheppard, and for every hour that it takes to formulate a plan, months pass. Forced to move on and find food, Sheppard finds a peaceful village whoses residents spend their time meditating and preparing for ascension – and being terrorized by a gigantic beast whose shadowy form he can barely make out even in broad daylight. After taking on the monster twice, Sheppard becomes a hero to the villagers, but he’s disturbed that they seem more than content to let him continue fighting their battles for him. McKay finally works out the function of the gateway – its time-shifted environment is meant to serve as a safe, Wraith-proof shelter for Ancients who are still struggling on the path to ascension. But before Sheppard can escape, and before the Ancients he now calls friends can ascend, the beast must be faced without his intervention.

Order the DVDsstory by Brad Wright & Joe Flanigan
teleplay by Brad Wright
directed by Neil Fearnley
music by Joel Goldsmith

Guest Cast: Chad Morgan (Teer), David McNally (Avrid), Nicole Munoz (Hedda), Scott Miller (Pilot), Glenn Ennis (Monster)

LogBook entry by Earl Green