Stargate SG-1Adria finds Vala in a bar somewhere in the galaxy, trying to cheat her way to a cargo ship. Vala tells her that after information she provided about the possible location of the Ancient repository led SG-3 into a trap, the IOA decided she had been compromised. They planned to remove her from the team and imprison her to prevent her from divulging information about Earth’s defenses, but instead Vala stole a personal cloaking device and escape the SGC. Adria wants to follow the lead Vala has uncovered – but when they arrive on the world in question they find SG-1 waiting with the anti-Prior device. The tables are turned yet again when Ba’al’s Jaffa beam down to the site and take Adria for themselves.

Back at Stargate Command, Vala learns that her memories of her dismissal from the team were a fake. When the team learned that Adria had returned to the Milky Way, Vala volunteered to have false memories implanted with the Galatan device in order to lure Adria into a trap. SGC’s plan was to try to convince her to order to Ori army home, but that quickly takes a back seat to retrieving her from Ba’al. SG-1 learns that the Ba’al clones are gathering for a summit – but when they arrive they find the clones and many Jaffa dead from symbiote poison. Ba’al has apparently decided to eliminate the competition, but one Jaffa who lacked a symbiote is able to give SG-1 Ba’al’s location.

The team is able to retrieve Adria – but not before Ba’al takes her as a host. SG-1 considers its options. One is to simply kill both adversaries on the spot. But the team decides to adopt a more ambitious plan: they enlist the Tok’ra to remove Ba’al and implant a Tok’ra into Adria, who will order the Ori army to leave the galaxy. But Ba’al is not interested in giving up his prize, and injects Adria with poison. The Tok’ra surgeon says that Adria is dying, but she has enough strength left to pursue a fallback option – one that could leave her even more powerful than before.

Order the DVDsDownload this episode via Amazon's Unboxstory by Alex Levine
teleplay by Alan McCullough
directed by William Waring
music by Joel Goldsmith

Guest Cast: Morena Baccarin (Adria), Cliff Simon (Ba’al), Peter Flemming (Malcolm Barrett), Erik Breker (Col. Reynolds), Jonathan Walker (Ta’seem)

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer